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Cutting Edge Facility

Kennel Boarding Daycare Marin in San Rafael

Kennel Boarding Daycare Marin in San Rafael

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A Little History...

Before designing our kennel we visited day care and boarding facilities throughout the Bay Area and Marin County.  We talked with the owners about procedures, design, and material choices. We then incorporated the best ideas into our new facility along with quite a few of our own.  We redesigned the entire building with detail toward safety, security, excerise, cleanliness, and of course FUN. Please take a moment to read below and what makes Canine & Company different and exciting.

Check out what we've done!

  • Over 2700 square feet of indoor space allows us to create multiple climate controlled "romper-rooms". Our indoor play rooms feature natural sunlight,  TV/music entertainment, fresh-air ventilation (no recycled air),  and of course plenty of toys.​ Playroom floors are non-toxic EPA approved rubber which helps prevent injuries during play time.
  • Supervised play-groups in pre-determined areas are tailored to your pets' personality and temperament. Whether Fido wants to sleep or play all day there's an area for that. Our guests spend as much time as they want playing with Us, other dogs or resting.... whatever make them most comfortable.
  • Dedicated "small-dog" room complete with toys, "personal areas", a skylight, TV and rubber flooring. Some little dogs only like other little dogs.... well now they can feel safe and spend time with friends of the same size.
  • For our overnight campers or when its nap time we use "built-in" dens.  Our "dens" have solid walls, natural light, entertainment through-out, 24/7 climate controlled, soothing LED lights, and are slightly raised up off the ground.
  • Flooring, dens and walls have a special non-porous coating, utilize rounded corners, hoses and recessed drains to   facilitate washing and complete disinfection. When you arrive you'll notice it doesn't smell like a "dog kennel." 
  • Modern bathing station complete with "soft-touch" dryer and all natural hypoallergenic products return your furry friend nice and fluffy.  We are proud to feature Earthbath all natural bathing products.*
  • Dedicated food prep area complete with refrigerator and microwave cater to any need.  We customize all feeding schedules to match dog(s) normal schedule at home.  We are happy to provide food at no charge (see below).
  • We are proud to serve Natural Balance L.I.D (limited ingredigent diet) Sweet Potato and Bison* formula. This food is highly regarded as gentle on the stomach, minimizes allergies and is by-product/ grain free. 
  • 24/7 on-site and off-site monitoring plus CC video/audio surveillance ensure round the clock protection. 
  • We have incorporated LED lighting, low flow water nozzles and utilize all Energy Star Certified appliances and Ventilation systems to minimize our impact on the environment and community. 
  • Plenty of FREE on-site parking making drop-off and pick-up quick and painless.
  • .... and don't forget the complimertary self-serve espresso, coffee and tea station.